The National Guard has started teaching civilians how to be leaders.  The first lessons are being given to athletic teams.

In fact, more than twenty members of the University of Missouri basketball team are going to Camp Crowder near Neosho next weekend for, appropriately enough, team-building training.  Coach Frank Haith got the idea  after more than fifty Tiger football team members went through the same course earlier. 

Operations officer Brian Hatcher says the same techniques used for soldiers can apply to sports teams and other civilian groups. 

Captain Hatcher says each participant will get guidance on how to be a better leader, how to involve teammates, and how to involve teammates is seeking success.  Each player will be put into a leadership position during the training, which will include some military experiences. 

He says there is no clear description of what makes a good leader. But he says living by the Seven Army Values will make people better leaders.  The values are expressed as LDRSHIP:




S–selfless service



P–personal courage

The Guard hopes high school and college student-athletes from throughout Missouri will be drawn to the program.  Hatcher says the program eventually could be offered to other civilian, non-sports, groups too. 

AUDIO: Hatcher interview 18:56