Parents and students headed to college sometimes overlook something important at the start of a college career, or a college year.  Protection.  As in insurance.

The state insurance department says students and their parents need to remember health insurance, vehicle insurance if they’re taking a vehicle to school, and renter’s insurance.

Department Director John Huff says renters insurance is especially important as more students live off-campus and because today’s students have more stuff than their parents had when they when to college.  He says it’s relatively inexpensive in Missouri.  The coverage also provides liability protection for the parents as well as the students.

Federal law allows parents to keep children under the family health insurance policy until they’re 26.   But they should check with their insurance agent about the coverage.

And he says it’s good to remember that vehicle insurance is required for all motorists in Missouri.  That’s something else he says the family agent should know about because rates might change, depending on the city where the student goes to school.

AUDIO: Huff interview 7:13