The National Weather Service in Springfield reports that 1.5 to 2 inches of rain has fallen in Central Missouri over the past 24 hours, and less than that is reported in Southern Missouri. However, Meteorologist Doug Crane says Southern Missouri hasn’t seen the last of this round of precipitation yet.

He says the current forecast model predicts that rain will taper off in Central Missouri this evening, with no more rain expected through Saturday and Sunday, but that another system forming south of the state (to the Southwest) will move into Southern Missouri later on Saturday.

More than 15 inches has fallen over the past week in the Gasconade, Osage and Roubidoux rivers; up to 15 inches also has fallen near the Arkansas border in McDonald Co. near Big and Little Sugar rivers, Table Rock Lake, and the Turkey Creek basin in Taney Co.

Once the rain clears out of South Central Missouri on Saturday, Crane says, a dry outlook continues. For a look at the past week’s weather systems and a look ahead, view the video below. (Forecast begins at 4:20.)