Mizzou offensive lineman Max Copeland certainly lives to the beat of a different drum. He instantly became a fan favorite with his rock star hair style, his outgoing personality and his love for Mizzou football.

Max always reminds me of a character right out of Braveheart. As he would line up in front of the defense, he would let out a shout prior to getting into his stance. In one particular scrimmage last season, his language was a bit (how should I say) colorful, but it’s his way of pumping up his teammates around him. This year, Copeland said he’s been asked to tone it down to more of a PG-13 rant.

Max makes the move from right guard to left, and is listed number one on the depth chart at the start of fall camp. Max talks about the adjustments in positions and learning from mistakes and successes from last year and this offseason. In true Max Copeland form, he says he is ready to “rock-n-roll.”