Mark McGwire, now the hitting coach for the L.A. Dodgers was surrounded by reporters prior to Monday night’s matchup with the Cardinals. McGwire admitted to using steroids in 2010 before he became the hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals. “It’s not worth it at all,” McGwire said. “I wish I was never a part of it. Just get rid of it. If it’s better to have bigger suspensions, then they’re going to have to change it.”

McGwire helped bring baseball back to the fans with his epic in-season home run contest with Chicago’s Sammy Sosa when he broke Roger Maris’ single season home run mark. McGwire, who had 583 home runs accepted the fact that his use of PED’s will prevent him from getting into the Hall of Fame.

“Unfortunately, I don’t believe there will be a day that I will be in there. That’s OK. That’s the way things are. I’ve dealt with it. I’m OK with it,” McGwire said.

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