The Hannibal Cavemen baseball team lost their starting shortstop, Mattingly Romanin, for the remainder of the season after a pregame ceremonial parachute drop ended with the Canadian born baseball player getting kicked in the head.

Romanin tried to laugh off the mishap which caused him to miss that evening’s game after suffering a bruise to the side of his face. The next day on Twitter he sent, “I feel like I got kicked in the face yesterday, oh wait…”

However, things got more serious and now Romanin will miss the remainder of the season with concussion like symptoms.

“I still have headaches and stuff like that, and I just feel a little slow…It is unfortunate that it ended my season, and I’m a little upset about that, but you know what, it’s just a freak accident and there’s nothing we can do [about it] now. So I’m still trying to be upbeat it, and I’m still laughing with everybody.”