Joe Matter has two sons taking part in the Missouri River 340 Kayak Race that started Tuesday in Kansas City and is winding its way down the Missouri River. The final destination is St. Charles.

One of Joe’s sons was in a group of six that pulled into Jefferson City before 8 a.m. and had over a near two hour lead over the next competitors. They are on pace to break an MR340 record.  Their team “Winter is Coming,” should be renamed “Winter is Going.” No team will come close to touching them.

While the competitors on the water do all of the work for the 40-80 hours it takes to complete the race, they also rely on their support staff that drives to each checkpoint and waits to hand them food, water, sunscreen, antacids, and pick up trash.

Watch my conversation with Joe a native from the state of Texas, as he tell us about their first experience with the MR340.