This morning’s video was going to be full of highlights from this weekend’s Handball Tournament at the 29th annual Show Me State Games in Columbia. Instead, it will include by analysis of Phil Mickelson’s British Open Championship that I watched while laid up on the couch.  I’ll give you a brief recap of how my left knee knocked me out of the Show Me State Games, just 45 minutes into action on Saturday.

I feel bad for my partner Bob Gartner. We liked our chances in the first of four matches after winning our first game 15-14 against two guys who were certainly in better shape than us.  We then managed to get back to a 10-8 lead in our second game after falling behind 7-0.

That all change when I coiled up for a left handed shot and unleashed a nice ceiling shot, only to feel my left knee make a slight pop, followed by a pain I would describe as a deep bruise. That was it…one shot where my shoe stuck to the floor and my knee twisted ended our goal of a Show Me State Games championship.