The Missouri Tigers arrived in Hoover, AL., hoping to stay under the radar after creating quite a splash last summer at their inaugural SEC Media Day. Things didn’t necessarily go as planned with quarterback James Franklin making some comments about the Mizzou fan base that could be taken the wrong way…or at the very least give fuel for SEC Media to add to their fires. Franklin clarified his comments and it turns out this is really a non-story.

Franklin first made a statement that sounded like he was saying Mizzou may have had the rudest fans in the SEC, laughing as he commented,  saying that he heard some things that he couldn’t repeat. However, after clarifying later, Franklin wasn’t actually referring to Mizzou Nation as a whole, he was just pointing out that perhaps the rudest comment he heard all year came from a Mizzou fan.

AUDIO Franklin clarifies his comments (:20)

After hearing Franklin, you can tell there is no malice in his voice and he chuckles “Oh man, I’m gonna be in trouble now.”  Some Mizzou fans may be upset, but winning will fix everything.