Greg Holland of the Royals and Edward Mujica of the Cardinals were added to all-star rosters over the weekend. Both are deserving, even though they were late additions due to pitchers starting on Sunday. I thought I would do some research to see who was the better. I’m saying Holland.  We can look at straight stats, but I go a little deeper into why Holland is my choice at this point in the season.

Stats that I did look at:

-11 of Mujica’s 26 saves have been one run games. 11 of Holland’s 22 saves have been one run wins.

-During Mujica’s 21 save streak, he allowed just nine hits and four runs while striking out 19 during that stretch. However, Holland enters the All-Star break with 15 straight saves, allowing just two runs on five hits while striking out 34.

-Mujica has a 2.20 ERA, 10 earned runs in 41 innings…Holland a 1.80 ERA with seven earned runs in 35 innings.

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