The following is from a press release sent out by Gov. Jay Nixon’s office:

Senate Bill 23, which modifies a number of laws relating to taxation, including extending the definition of “nexus” to level the playing field between Missouri businesses and out-of-state retailers.

The bill also addresses the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision in Street v. Director of Revenue by replacing local use taxes with a local sales tax. Gov. Nixon had vetoed two previous legislative responses to the Street decision because the bills did not sufficiently protect Missourians’ right to vote on tax policy. Senate Bill 23 addresses these concerns by requiring a public vote in local jurisdictions without a local use tax.

Senate Bill 99, which contains several provisions related to elections, including updating and repealing a number of obsolete election statutes.

House Bill 331 and House Bill 345, which relate to telecommunications, will provide the opportunity for expanded access and improved broadband and wireless service through more rapid deployment of broadband and wireless network infrastructure.