Missouri’s senators split their votes on passage of the immigration bill. But both agree it faces uncertainty in the House.

Senator McCaskill says the bill is ‘one vote away from fixing a badly broken system. But Senator Blunt says the system remains broken, even with the bill. McCaskill is one of 68 Senators voting “yes.’ Blunt was one of the 32 “no” votes.

She says the bill improves border security, punishes employers who hire illegal workers, and provides a system for foreign students to stay after they graduate from colleges or children brought here illegally to become legal residents. But Blunt sees it the other way.

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They do agree on one thing–it’s going to be difficult for the bill to pass the House. Blunt doesn’t think it stands a chance. McCaskill says the bill’s fate rests with whether Speaker John Boehner lets it or the House bill go through debate.

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She says the bill will reduce the federal deficit, punish employers who hire illegal immigrants, and gives immigrants a path to citizenship.