Gov. Jay Nixon today signed into law four bills relating to motor vehicles. They are:

House Bill 715, which authorizes motorcycles to be equipped with brake lights that blink with varying brightness for not more than five seconds when the brakes are applied;

House Bill 428, which modifies the procedure insurers must undertake to purchase a vehicle through the claims process when they are unable to obtain negotiable title, among other provisions. House Bill 428 also authorizes motor vehicle dealers to provide a public school or college with a new or used vehicle as a courtesy or driver training vehicle;

Senate Bill 148, which also deals with salvage titling. The bill authorizes an applicant to obtain a temporary salvage permit for purposes of transporting a salvage vehicle to a Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) inspection station; and

Senate Bill 157, which strengthens the regulation of scrap metal purchases to prevent and combat the criminal trade in scrap metal. The bill also adds catalytic converters to the types of scrap metal items requiring documentation.