C’mon…I can’t be the only fanatic out there who has an obsession with what I wear, where I sit, or what I do when one of the teams I cheer for is playing for a championship?

I think as fans we have to feel a connection with our favorite teams and we’ll try and do anything we can to help will our team onto victory or a championship. For me, it’s bad…it’s borderline crazy. I thought for sure I killed the mojo for the Chicago Blackhawks when I moved a hat that had been sitting on my dresser for weeks. Thinking quickly I tried to turn the misfortunes around of being down 3-1 in the series to Detroit. (Even Blues fans can relate to that)

I found the solution…it was a t-shirt. In fact, the shirt helped ride a five game win streak. My wife was under strict orders to not touch that shirt or even think about washing it…not until the Hawks lost their next game. Then the losing could be washed out of it.

How do you explain a team that could only have one power play goal, fewer scoring chances and lost the majority of faceoffs, and still come away with a championship? For me, the answer is my shirt. Crazy, right?

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