Senator Blunt says President Obama is surrounded by scandal lately, and that doesn’t bode well for his credibility with the American people. Jessica Machetta has more.

Blunt says Missourians and the rest of the nation is doubting President Obama’s administration and his policy decisions. He talks about the recent scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service, which was found to have targeted certain conservative groups. And Blunt says people are already worried about the effects of the federal healthcare law on businesses and individuals, and now it appears the federal government is behind on several deadlines to implement key measures.

He says the insurance industry tells him that for insurance exchange to work, it would normally be tested for six to nine months … not the three months or less the federal exchange system is going to get. Each state must have either its own insurance exchange in place by October first, or subscribe to a federal exchange program.

The administration counters that it’s almost finished testing the technology needed to begin enrollment.

According to CNN Money, the Government Accountability Office reports in a press release that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services it still has many key tasks ahead to create the federally run exchanges, some of which are behind schedule.

“Much progress has been made, but much remains to be accomplished within a relatively short amount of time,” the release says. “Whether the administration’s efforts will be enough to get the exchanges ready for a “timely and smooth” launch less than five months from now “cannot yet be determined.”

The administration, however, tells CNN it is almost done finalizing and testing the technology needed to support the enrollment process.

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta reports (1:19)