A breakthrough on a compromise that could let the immigration bill pass the U. S. Senate has been reported in Washington. Negotiators aren’t giving many details but they say their deal could clear the way for bipartisan Senate support. Missouri’s senior senator thinks the bill could mean a lot to Missouri economically, agriculturally, and socially.

Sen. Claire McCaskill says it will mean foreign students might be able to stay in this country where they can use their education.

She says it will be good for agriculture because it will allow farmers that use seasonal workers to be assured they’ll have a supply of legal immigrants.

McCaskill says people like Lauren Gray of Trenton and Marie Gonzalez, formerly of Jefferson City, will no longer have to live in fear of deportation from the only country they’ve known when they reach 21 because they’ll have a path to citizenship.

Sen. Roy Blunt says his greatest concern is stringent limits on illegal immigrants coming to the country. Negotiators say that issue is no longer a sticking point.  Senate leaders hope to pass the bill before leaving on a July 4 break.

AUDIO: McCaskill 4:36