The Jacque Waller murder case appears to have reached a conclusion in Cape Girardeau County, but the case might not be over…
Her estranged husband, Clay, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder a week after his wife’s body was found in Illinois. He has admitted beating her and strangling her. His plea agreement limits his prison time to 20 years. But the plea might not end the case against him. Because he buried his wife in Illinois, he could face charges in that state.

According to KFVS, Judge Benjamin Lewis told Waller in the courtroom, “20 years in prison is not what you deserve, but it will have to do.”

But, that was the plea deal reached after Waller agreed to provide the location of the body — law enforcement had to find the body, and he had to recount how he killed Jacque. He told officials he struck Jacque in the head and face with his fist, put his forearm on her neck, and suffocated her with all of his body weight. He said the altercation happened at his house in Jackson.

“We got into an argument,” Clay Waller said. “I lost my temper and I caused her death.”

KFVS reports that Brenneke gave a victim impact statements and talked for about 10 minutes. Waller fidgeted from foot to foot as Brenneke was talking. He never turned to look at her. After Brenneke spoke, Waller heard a taped statement by his son in which the child said, “I never want to see you again for my entire life.

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