Thousands of Missouri students and recent graduates are now looking for summer jobs or permanent employment, and the IRS has some tips for them. The agency realizes it can be a complicated thing for people looking to join the workforce. IRS Spokesperson Michael Devine says students or graduates can’t stop getting an education because school is over.

“Your learning didn’t end because school ended,” Devine says. “Because now you get to learn about life. And taxes and jobs are one of the things you really need to learn about.”

Devine says it’s better to get paperwork like W-4s filled out right. He also says keeping a close eye on taxes now can help in the long run.

“June is a great time to look at your taxes for the year,” he says, “because you still have six months left in order to adjust things so you might get a refund. Or at least you won’t have to pay anything next year when you do your return.”

Devine urges students looking for that summer job and graduates looking for full-time work to go online to which has an entire page devoted to giving tax tips for first jobs. Go directly to that page by clicking HERE.