That was the question I posed last night on Twitter…why is Mitchell Boggs still pitching in the majors? May be a little harsh, but why did Mike Matheny even turn to Boggs in the ninth inning of a 2-1 game?

Well, Edward Mujica pitched three straight days and was unavailable, as was Trevor Rosenthal, so Matheny had to dip deep to use Boggs and it turned out like I’m sure many Cardinal fans expected…into a disaster and late inning loss. Boggs is now 0-3, his ERA 11.05.

Hey, Royals fans are happy…they finally had some luck go in their favor with George Brett as the new hitting coach. Plus they got a little help from umpire crew chief Joe West.

I’ll explain everything from last night’s crazy game at Busch Stadium on this Missourinet Mornings video. If you like what you’re watching, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.