Missourians might have another choice at the gas pump someday: Regular, Premium, or Powerball.

The state lottery is going to launch a pilot project at fifteen stations, or so, that will let gas-buyers get lottery tickets at the pump or at ATMs inside the convenience store.  Spokesman Gary Gonder says 70 percent of lottery players pay for their gas at the pump.

The system would let buyers use their debit cards just as they do now. But they’d be offered a chance to buy lottery tickets at the same time they buy gas.  Prizes of $600 or less would be directly deposited into the cardholder’s bank account.  Bigger prizes would have to be claimed at a lottery office. 

Gonder says the pilot project will continue for six months to a year before a decision is made about taking the system statewide.  Minnesota is the only state that has this option now.

AUDIO: Gonder 6:04