Joining me on this Google Hangout is Bill Ivie of the website I just found Bill’s website and I like it because it covers both the Cardinals and the Royals and it’s great to get different insight on both teams that we cover here on

Bill is a contributor to Yahoo Sports and I found an article of his the other day, outlining about how Michael Wacha’s start tonight for the Cardinals completes the Albert Pujols/Angels free agent signing.

We also discuss the Royals and Bill feels the naming of George Brett as interim hitting coach could mean the days of Ned Yost as manager are numbered. He also has an interesting name or two as good candidates for the managerial job.

Because of technical difficulties, I had to record two different Hangouts…the first video talks about the Royals, the second video is on the Cardinals. Watch one, or watch both. You can add me to your circles on Google+  Oh, and by the way…Bill and I did not color coordinate.