Rainfall and cold temperatures have caused delay in the corn planting season and a worry for corn producers looking to plant their crops.

University of Missouri Extension corn specialist Brent Myers says the optimal planting window for corn producers in Missouri is about a month long and ranges from the second week of April to the end of the first week in May; but due to excessive rainfall and cold temperatures, it’s pushed the corn planting season back further than producers would like.

Myers says that the late start of the corn planting season has caused a large majority of corn to be planted beyond the optimal yield window. He suggests that corn growers stick to planting hybrid corn maturities rather than switching to planting earlier season corn maturities through the end of the month.

“It declines very slowly at first after the first week of May, but then it declines more rapidly at the end of May and especially into June,” Myers said. “So the optimal planting window ended after the first week of May.” He says the later a corn crop is planted, the corn’s yield potential begins to decline.

Myers says after the end of May, corn yields begin to drop by 20 percent, and then by 40 percent by mid-June. “The optimal planting date has passed and we’re hoping to get crops in the field as soon as possible,” he said.

However, Myers says opportunity remains for a good growing season.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:00)