The Powerball jackpot is pushing high payouts due to strong sales and continues to get pushed higher before this Saturday’s drawing… and it has. It’s now soared to a record $600 million with a cash value estimated at $376.9 million.

Saturday’s estimated Powerball jackpot has rised from $550 million to $600 million, and due to overwhelming number of ticket purchases made in Missouri, the gigantic jackpot could possibily keep on growing before this weekend’s drawing.

Executive Director May Scheve Reardon says it only takes 2 dollars at a chance to win big, and all proceeds go to public education in Missouri. “It only takes one ticket to win, and it’s a one in 175 million to one chances that someone would win the powerball,” she said.

Reardon adds that Missouri is no stranger to Powerball winners. “We’ve seen it happen here in Missouri so many times and we think it’s going to happen again,” she said.

Reardon suggests that players play responsibly and within their means. Powerball players have until 8:59 p.m. Saturday to purchase Powerball tickets.

Listen to full interview with Missouri Lottery Executive Director May Scheve Reardon, here. (3:15)