The proposed sales tax to pump billions of dollars into the state transportation system has been filibustered to the sidelines  in the state Senate.  But the sponsor thinks it still has a chance.

Some opponents of a proposed sales tax increase for transportation say there must be better ways to find that money needed.  Other opponents want supporters to run a statewide petition campaign to put the issue on the ballot. They talked against the bill until sponsor Mike Kehoe of Jefferosn City set the bill aside at 12:30 a.m. today.

But Kehoe  says it’s the legislature’s responsibility to decide the right way to deal with proposals. Kehoe thinks opponents can be convinced to back away so he can get a vote on the bill before adjournment Friday evening. If the Senate does approve the bill, voters will get the final say in November, next year.

AUDIO: Kehoe press conference 5:37