Missouri’s U.S. Senators are calling for firings after the Internal Revenue Service Acting Commissioner allegedly targeted conservative groups.

Sen. Roy Blunt says Commissioner Steven Miller knew about the actions and misled members of Congress about them. He calls the agency’s actions “outrageous” and “unwarranted.” He’s asking Miller to step down or be removed.

“It’s become increasingly clear this was not limited to the actions of a small group of lower level employees, which is why President Obama and his administration must initiate a comprehensive and transparent investigation immediately,” Blunt says. “Americans deserve answers, and I join my colleagues in support of any and all congressional investigations to uncover the truth behind these shameful activities.”

Sen. Claire McCaskill says the IRS targeted for special scrutiny conservative and small government groups applying for tax-exempt status.
“People should be fired for this serious breach of public trust,” she says. “We don’t do this in America.”

Reports show the IRS put pressure on groups with titles including “Tea Party” … “patriot” and others, as well as groups that focused on government spending.