Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder presents a Senior Service Award to one of its recipients at the State Capitol.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R) has recognized some of Missouri’s senior citizens who have made positive impacts by volunteering in their communities.

Thirty-four nominated senior citizens have become the recipients of Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s Senior Service Award. The award highlights the positive accomplishments and impacts made by senior citizens across the state who volunteer in their communities.

Kinder says anyone can nominate an individual as a possible candidate of the award and calls their service an inspiration. He says when he took office in 2005, he realized there were countless seniors throughout Missouri who were giving back so much to the community.

Kinder adds that they’re everyday heroes that don’t get the proper recognition that they deserve. “I wanted to find a way to publicize positive stories about senior citizens,” he said.

Kinder says most of the winners are over 60 years of age to some in their 90’s. The oldest recipient this year is a 102 year old woman from Marshall. Kinder calls them tremendous inspirations to all Missourians. “We just wanted to shine a positive light on them and recognize them,” Kinder said.

Kinder created the Senior Service Awards in 2005. State law designates him as the state advocate for senior citizens.

Kinder says since its creation, there have been more than 200 recipients. Just last year, the awards have expanded to one winner from each of the state’s 34 Senate districts.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:02)