The Department of Insurance has returned over $6 million in claim payments to consumers who fiiled complaints against their insurance companies.

Department of Insurance Director John Huff says the department has had a strong first quarter this year helping consumers recover from their insurance companies and receive their claim payments of more than $6 million on claims ranging from health, auto, and homeownership.

He says he encourages consumers to file a claim even if they feel like they’ve run out of options; if their claims have been denied by their insurance company, or they feel that their settlement is unfair.

“Through our Consumer Affairs Division, we have consumer service representatives that answer phone calls, and take e-mails, and written complaints against insurance companies and then they help mediate those issues,” Huff said.

Huff says the monetary claims can then be resolved between the consumer and their insurance company. He says the top reason for complaints in the first quarter of 2013 is claim denial. Delay of claim processing and unsatisfactory offer were not too far behind. Health insurance had generated the most complaints with 309 formal complaints, followed by auto and homeowner insurance complaints.

“We have two teams: one for property and casualty claims, which would include homeowners and auto claims; and then we have life and health claims which would inclue annuities and health insurance,” Huff said.

Consumers with complaints or questions about their insurance agent or company call the department’s Insurance Consumer Hotline for more information at 1-800-726-7390 or visit


 AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:02)