Hundreds of foster children never go to college because they’re never told they have a chance to go or a place to go to.  A state senator is trying to change their futures. 

Cassville Senator David Sater says more than 2700 children 15-18 years old live in Missouri in foster families or under supervision of the Division of Youth Services.  “I believe in giving kids a vision and a bridge for the future,” he says.

He has convinced the senate to pass his bill strongly suggesting foster parents or the DYS take each teenager to a community college, technical college, or four-year university before they’re 18.  Sater says many of those young people don’t get that opportunity now. He says foster children often don’t realize financial support is available to them. That’s one of the things that would be explained to them during the visit.

Sater’s bill is now in the House. He hopes it leads to fewer foster children going to prison and more becoming contributing, taxpaying citizens.  But he says more foster parents need to be encouraged to give them that chance.     

AUDIO: Senate debate