The Missouri State Fair isn’t for another four months, but the competitive entry information and livestock judging schedule are available online now for folks interested in entering their livestock in competitions.

State Fair Director Mark Wolfe says entry forms for livestock competition submission are not available yet online, but access to the online entry forms will become available starting May 1. Wolfe says it’s important for folks to submit entry forms as soon as possible and he urges those looking to enter to not wait until the last minute to sign up, or face the penalties.

“It’s very difficult here for our folks to pull all of that together when we’re having entries arriving late all the time,” Wolfe said. “At some point, ownership dates for some of the livestock are critical to a legal entry.  So, if those entries are not met by that deadline, then you risk having folks that have animals that are not the correct age, or the ownership time is not kosher with what we’re requesting.” He says it’s important that people understand that entry forms need to be submitted by the date that’s listed on the online entry information.

Wolfe says most competitions at the fair have critical deadlines that need to be met. He says it’s important for potential participants to go on their website, pull up the entry form information, and follow the deadlines that are involved with that.”

The Missouri State Fair runs from August 8 through August 18 this year. For more information on how to sign up, visit


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:03)