The state senate has found 15-million unused dollars to give to Joplin for tornado recovery almost two years after the town was devastated. Joplin has received little state money since the immediate cleanup from the May 2011 tornado.  But it needs some state help now, and Sen. John Lamping (R-St. Louis) is sponsoring the bill that would provide it.

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That’s more than 14 miles of curbs and gutters.

The Senate Majority Floor Leader is Ron Richard, who lives in Joplin and who knows other places might need similar disaster assistance in the future.

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Lamping’s bill harvest surplus money from four state funds or accounts.  But the bill has been changed so other disaster cities can get help in later years. St. Joseph Senator Rob Schaaf comes from an area devastated by floods the same year Joplin had its tornado.

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The proposal ready to be sent to the House is considered a template for response to cities affected by future disasters.