A state senate committee investigating the Revenue Department’s gathering of personal information has learned that the names of 163,000 Missourians have been given to a federal agency—twice. 

The pot started boiling when the Revenue Department started copying personal documents, including concealed weapons permits, and putting them in a data base.  The concealed weapons permit records are part of the Highway Patrol’s Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System.

Although the committee had been told the department had not given the data to the federal government, new information indicates the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration has gotten lists of all concealed weapons permit holders twice. 

Highway Patrol Superintendent Ron Replogle and the Deputy Director Andrea Spillars of the Department of Public Safety,  have drawn a strong rebuke from committee member Ryan Silvey of Kansas City.

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Replogle says he was not aware the information had been made available.  Spillars says state law allows the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration to get the names of all concealed weapons permit holders in Missouri for criminal investigations. She tells committee member Mike Parson of Bolivar she’d provide the information to any law enforcement officer.

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Parson is a former Polk County Sheriff.

The Revenue Department had said information gathered in the licensing process is not shared with the federal government.