The senate has advanced one of the Governor’s priorities that critics say is going to hurt more than 100-thousand low-income senior Missourians.  Governor Nixon has proposed taking a property tax credit away from low-income Missourians who rent their homes and using that $57 million to pay for programs for senior citizens. 

Senate leader Tom Dempsey says the governor’s tax credit study commission has recommended it.

The average payment to those Missourians living in poverty is $546 a year.  Critics of the plan say that money is the only extra money those people can have for some necessities or even for gifts for grandchildren.

Senate minority leader Jolie Justus says it’s a frustrating proposal because money is being taken away from senior citizens at a time when the senate proposes increasing the sales taxes by a cent-and-a-half.

Renters say they might not pay property taxes, but part of their rent pays the taxes owed by their landlords.  One opposing Senator says she’s confident God will find a way for those losing those payments to still live productive lives.

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