The state senate wants some answers from the Revenue Department and it’s taking rare action to get them.

Several Senators are angry that the department has started asking for additional personal information from Missourians wanting to get or renew licenses.    They’re suspicious that the department is following the federal Real I.D. law, although the legislature passed a law banning that action in 2009.

The Department says it is working within the law but suspicious senators note the new procedures are being done with a Homeland Security grant.  Senate Leader Tom Dempsey wants to force some answers. “We’re serious about our role in this process and they need to answer some questions…What we want to get is the documentation, basically, that they’re submitting to the federal government for this Homeland Security grant and if they’re trying to implement the Real ID provisions,” he says.

Missouri is one of several states refusing to comply with the Real ID Law of 2005 that requires states to do certain things to make sure the person getting a driver’s license or other government ID card to prove they are who they say they area.  Homeland Security says Real ID licenses are needed to get on airliners or get into federal buildings or nuclear plants. The Department has not enforced the law yet.

Dempsey says the issue with the Revenue Department is only the latest friction point with the legislature.  He says several Nixon administration department are acting without legislative intent and spending money without legislative authorization.  

Audio: Dempsey 1:01