A Chariton County woman and her daughter, reported missing since Thursday, have been found alive and well, but she’s facing possible charges for allegedly faking her abduction. Rachel Koechner, 28, and her 4 year old daughter were located late last night by Linn County authorities and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Reportedly, she had texted her boyfriend Thursday saying she was in danger.

Chariton County Sheriff Chris Hughes says it’s frustrating to spend time and money on an investigation that turned out to be a lie.

It was believed the two were with Koechner’s ex-husband and were considered to be in danger because of a history of domestic violence between the two. She reportedly contacted her boyfriend from a Kansas City area hotel Monday, leading authorities to believe she was being held against her will. She is also accused of reportedly sending a text message saying “Help me.”

Hughes says he had no choice but to follow up on the possible abduction.

Koechner is being held in the Chariton County Jail on an outstanding forgery warrant, pending charges in the current case. He says her ex-husband was not involved, and is considered an innocent bystander.  Koechner’s daughter, Zoee Sander, has been placed in state custody.

Missourinet affiliate KWIX / KRES / KIRK / KTCM contributed to this story.