Public suggestions are sought on ways to improve services to individuals with disabilities.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is seeking public feedback through a number of hearings conducted by Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation on ways to improve services for students with disabilities.

Supervisor Lisa Sone with Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation says feedback is requested on services currently being provided, and other services that might need to be provided. She says that’s how goals, priorities, and strategies are set for the upcoming Fiscal Year. Right now, Fiscal Year 2014 plan is in progress.

Sone says the services apply to individuals of working age. “It could be anyone from 16 years of age. We have transition programs for students in high schools who either have an IEP or 504 plan, and we try to reach out to those students by their senior year in order to help them develop a plan for what’s next,” she said. “Because people with disabilities, they may not always have a voice that they can get to us with.”

Sone says that’s when community rehabilitation providers come in, which help provide services to individuals with disabilities. They are also asked, along with the public, as well as anyone else who has any type of investment with someone with disabilities. 

She says for students with disabilites that may not know where to turn to post high school, her services help guide them to attend post-secondary education or to seek employment.


AUDIO:  Mary Farucci reports. (1:04)