State Representative Steve Eric Webb (D-Florissant) is pushing for a bill HB439 that would restrict Missouri students from participating in extra cirricular activities if they are not receiving passing grades in their classes.

 He said the mission of the state education system is to educate Missouri children, not to make sure they are tackling a football, shooting a basketball, or singing in the school choir. Webb says it’s important for students to put the work into their courses rather than in after-school activities. “If it’s too much to ask just to make a D, people used to tell me you can make a D sleeping,” he said.

Webb says that opponents of the bill will say it’s too hard or it’s unfair. He says he finds it hard to believe that at least getting by with a D grade, is too much to ask. “Some children legitimately have problems, but a lot of kids legitimately have a problem not working as hard as they possibly can,” he said.

However, students are able to resume participation if following the next grading period upon review, the student does  receive passing grades in all courses. Webb says this isn’t just about athletics. “It’s an everything, thing. It promotes the vision that this state has set forth in terms of educating our children,” he said.

He says the emphasis on education needs to be placed higher than a student’s participation in extra cirricular activities. Webb adds it’s important for students to put the work into their courses in order to maintain their grades.


To listen to Representative Webb’s bill proposal and testimony, click here. (29:04)


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:05)