During pregame of Sunday’s Missouri Valley Conference Tournament final between Creighton and Wichita State at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, fan Alex Permann thought he won $50,000 when he nailed a half court shot during a promotion. He made the half court shot, there is not disputing that, but the 24-year-old Missouri-St. Louis optometry student may want to get his hearing checked.

Permann had 24 seconds to make four shots. A layup, a shot from the free throw line,a shot from the three-point line and then a half court shot. He made the layup and free throw, but then ran back to half court. You can hear the P.A. announcer and fans yelling frantically for Permann to get back to the three point line.  A fan at the game shot this video

Yahoo Sports contacted Permann by phone after the contest. I like how he tries to point the blame on being told two different sets of instructions.

“There was a miscommunication and I was given some instructions that didn’t match the instructions the announcer said,” Permann said. “I was so excited to be out there that I didn’t pay attention to what he said. I had in my mind what I was going to do before I went out there.”

Despite hitting the halfcourt shot, he didn’t get the prize money. Instead he was given tickets for life to the Missouri Valley Tournament and four VIP passes and a three-day hotel stay for next year’s event in St. Louis.