See our update on this story, filed at 1:50pm 03/07/2013.

Two House lawmakers say the state Revenue Department is sending personal information from applicants for concealed carry permits to the Department of Homeland Security.

In an e-mail this morning, Representatives Casey Guernsey (R-Bethany) and Paul Curtman (R-Pacific) say the Revenue Department’s local fee offices are scanning those documents involved in the permit process and the concealed carry certificate and sending it to the federal government. They cite “confidential sources who work in local license offices but are scared to go public.”

The representatives say that is a violation of Missouri law. The Revenue Department has not responded to this latest allegation.

On Monday a lawsuit filed in Stoddard County alleged that permit documents were being scanned there and a judge issued an order stopping it. A Revenue Department spokesman said at that time its operations were “not inconsistent with the statutory protocols.”