The April 15th tax deadline is approaching a little more than a month away, and Missouri’s Secretary of State is encouraging Missourians to talk about their personal finances.

Secretary of State Jason Kander is urging Missourians to “talk the talk” about their personal finances with their families. Kander says he’s offering a program that works as a conversation starter, called ‘The Conversation Starters’ program. Kander says he knows it can be difficult to talk about money, but the program includes open ended questions that get people talking about budgets, saving, and investing.

It also includes how to recognize and avoid scams and fraud. “It’s information that can help people who are just out of college, newlyweds who are just setting up their finances together, and even people who are getting closer to retirement,” Kander said.

Kander says now is a good time to discuss finances because the tax deadline is nearing. “There are folks who have investments that may impact their taxes, but that’s a good segway- and for your family to talk about finances and investing,” he said.

He says his office’s securities division helps people avoid scams and fraud and says it’s important to try to make investing as safe as possible for Missourians.

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AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:00)