The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports roadways in the northwestern part of the state such as Kansas City and St. Joseph are snowed covered, as well as Macon. They are also urging drivers to stay off the slippery, and slush-covered roads unless it’s an emergency.

Spokesman Tim Hull says several slide-offs have been reported between late last night and earlier today. He says the state has experienced several slide-offs and other vehicles becoming stalled on roadways. He says crews are working to clear the roads and get cars moving again.

AUDIO: Hull talks about road conditions in the southern half of Missouri. (:44)

Hull says most of the major highways are partially covered, which means secondary roads may be impassable if it’s still snow-covered or slush-covered. And if you must travel today, Hull suggests to allow extra time to clean your car off completely of snow and ice on the windshield, make sure your car is ready to drive in the snow condition and that it has good tires to do so, drive at slower speeds than normal, and make sure your headlights are turned on so your car can be seen by other drivers on the road.

He also says it’s important when driving on the road in poor weather conditions to increase the following distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you to lessen the chance of accidentally hitting it.