With both Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson slated for free agency, the St. Louis Rams are desperate for help at the wide receiver position and with not a lot of salary cap money to pursue a high-priced wideout in free agency, the club is taking a chance on Titus Young, who was just cut from the Detroit Lions.

As a rookie in 2011, he caught 48 passes for 607 yards and six touchdowns, but his production dropped this past season as the Lions offense struggled. Young ended up catching 33 passes for 383 yards and four TDs in 10 games for the Lions in 2012.

Some of the things he did in Detroit:

–Sucker punched a teammate during offseason workouts.

–Purposely lined up in the wrong position out of the huddle to get the ball thrown his way.

–Claim he’s better than Calvin Johnson.

–Vent on Twitter saying this of his former team last month. ““If y’all going to cut me, let me go. I’m tired of the threats.”

Young was sent home by the team on three different occasions for disciplinary reasons. The Rams inherit his original contract, which calls for a $555,000 base salary this season, plus a $185,000 roster bonus. Young also is under contract in 2014, earning a base salary of $645,000. Young was a teammate of Austin Pettis (another Rams WR) at Boise State.