Missouri might be looking at getting a mass transit system.

Rep. Bob Burns (D-Affton) tells the House Transportation issue Missouri doesn’t have one yet, but because many people have been moving out of the St. Louis and and St. Louis County and into outlying areas, for example, it would be worth having a high-speed rail. He says it’s vital to the state’s economic development, as well.

“I realize those issues are very expensive, but I also know that there’s no subway or mass transit system in the world that’s not subsidized,” he says.

Burns urges lawmakers to look into developing a mass transit system as a part of long-term planning.

He says Missouri is one of the best kept secrets in the world, something he and others believe.

“We have so much potential and so many things to offer that those kinds of things can make our state much better,” he says. “So I’m hoping that at some point we could at least look at those issues and see what we’re talking about in a long-term ramification of costs.”

AUDIO:  Mary Farucci reports. (1:00)