A sobriety program that began nine years ago to keep Southwest Missouri teenagers safe during prom night is looking to expand to high schools throughout the state year round.

The Safe and Sober Program, which was founded nine years ago in Southwest Missouri by Springfield attorney Kurt Larson in an effort for students to take the pledge and stay safe and sober during prom and graduation season.

With the help of a 130,000 dollar grant by the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Safe and Sober program will be able to expand to more schools in the state that want its students to be safe and sober year round. So far, the program has spread to 35 area high schools. “MoDOT recognized something that had real potential to change the culture of drinking throughout high schools across the state,” he says.

Larson says through the Safe and Sober Program, he’s asking Missouri students to take a pledge to be alcohol-free until they are 21. “Being successful on prom night was great, but it’s really a drop in the bucket of the safety effort we need year long,” he says. “So we are expanding in breath in terms of geographically.”

He says with the help of the grant money, the program is making an effort to broaden the program to 150 or more high schools by this spring.

AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:03)