State Highway Patrol officials are warning drivers the dangers of driving in the frigid, cold weather during the winter months. They suggest what you can do to stay safe when you hit the road.

Lieutenant John Hotz with the Missouri Highway Patrol says it seems like after the first couple of snow falls we have each year, it might become easy for drivers to forget to adjust their driving habits.

 He says a lot of people will go out and drive and forget that the roads might become slick. “We have to reduce the speed in which we travel. We also have to increase the distance between us and the vehicle that’s in front of us,” he says. “Just in case that vehicle slows down or loses control.”

Hotz suggests if it’s not absolutely imperative for people to have to drive in poor, snowy weather conditions, he urges those to stay indoors.

 “It goes back to the preparation. If you are going to have to go drive in that bad weather, just be prepared for delays; be prepared to take increased time to get to your destination, and slow down to a speed that’s appropriate,” he says. “And make sure that you’re following the car in front of you at a safe distance.”

Another thing he stresses to drivers is to make sure they have their headlights on anytime the wipers are. Hotz says not only will that help the driver, but it also helps other vehicles see you on the road.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (1:01)