Something happened at the Capitol yesterday that has not happened in 72 years. More than seven decades ago, former Boone County prosecutor and legislator Frank G. Harris was sworn in for a third term as Lieutenant Governor, the first three-time Lieutenant Governor in Missouri History. Shortly before noon yesterday, former Cape Girardeau Senator Peter Kinder became the second person to take the oath three times. Whether Kinder completes his third term will depend on whether he runs for Congress in southeast Missouri and wins later this year. He had to survive a tough 2012 to reach the inauguration stand…winning a bruising primary in August against state seantor Brad Lager, then surviving another tough campaign against former state auditor Susan Montee in November. “I hope it made me tougher,” he says. Kinder says he’ll continue carrying out the duties of the Lieutenant Governor’s office while he seeks the congressional nomination. He says it will be kind of like running for re-election again. AUDIO: Kinder interview 2:19