The people we elected last November to write our laws are starting the process with economic issues at the top of the agenda for the leader of the state senate. 

Senate leader Tom Dempsey has outlined the Republican agenda in the senate, saying the legislature can’t do much about the national economy, but it can do things to improve Missouri’s economy.  He tells fellow senators they need to work on a broad agenda to make Missouri a regional leader, with reforms to tax policy, legal issues in employment, and economic development reforms.  ‘There’s reason for great optimism this is going to be a very productive year,” he says, “at the top of the list I would the list I would put moving forward on comprehensive economic development and tax reform legislation.”

Minority Democrat leader Jolie Justus says the majority of the majority’s agenda is the same agenda as the minority.  But Justus says there will be disagreements and there will be times when Republicans will need Democrat votes to pass some of the changes they want.

AUDIO: Dempsey speech to Senate 13:27