Gov. Jay Nixon was joined by local and state law enforcement officials, and representatives of the Missouri School Board’s Association at the Missouri State Highway Patrol General Headquarters in Jefferson City Friday to discuss the reinstatement of public safety exemptions to Missouri’s Sunshine Law.

The exemptions — which prevent the release of security plans for facilities such as schools, courthouses and hospitals — expired at the end of 2012.

“As Governor, and former chief law officer of the state, public safety is a top priority of my administration,” Nixon says. “That’s why I’m so pleased that this group of law enforcement leaders and educators are standing with me today to highlight the need of quick action to help keep our schools and our communities safe.”

“All across our state, at elementary schools and college campuses, hospitals and courthouses, libraries and power plants, thousands of dedicated men and women work hard to develop, work out, maintain, and execute security plans to keep Missourians safe,” Nixon says.

To listen to Gov. Nixon’s full speech, click here. (8:36)