Clark Hunt flew from Atlanta to Philadelphia to meet with former Eagles head coach Andy Reid, before Reid was to leave for Arizona to interview for the Cardinals head coaching job. Rueben Frank of reported that Reid texted him after the meeting, which lasted nine hours, to say it “went very well.”

I wouldn’t look much into the fact that the meeting took nine hours. Obviously Reid is one of the hottest coaching prospects and with Reid visiting Arizona where earlier reports suggests this was close to done deal, Hunt and the Chiefs are probably only going to get one chance for an interview with no follow up meeting.  Hunt is looking for the next guy to take his team to the playoffs, this isn’t a quick one hour conversation over a club sandwich.

Of course Reid would text the meeting went well. Reid basically has his pick of where he wants to go, so he should entertain any and all teams that seek his services. With the position that Reid is in, every interview should go very well for him.