Missourians getting or renewing their drivers licenses will be getting something different.  The revenue department is changing the design of drivers licenses to make them more secure and less susceptible to identity theft or fraudulent use.  The information on them will be the same but the pictures will be different. Some of the printing will be done in a way that changes color under ultraviolet light.  A laser perforation of the letters “MO” will be seen when the license is held up to the light.

Department spokesman Ted Farnen says it’s going to a lot harder for minors to use a doctored license to get alcohol.  Minors will get licenses with a vertical design different from a rectangular design issued to people 21 and older. 

AUDIO:Farnen interview 8:17

The department  will no longer issue the cards at license offices.  They’ll be issued from a central production facility and mailed out in seven to ten days.   Farnen says all of the state’s 180 license offices will have the system in place within about three months.

If you want to see the new licenses, here’s a link to a department web page. 

Click to access newlicense.pdf


Click to access newlicense.pdf