Making yearly resolutions at every New Year is almost a tradition for many people. Now that it’s here, the Missouri Department of Health has a few suggestions about starting year off right and making resolutions to get into healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Spokeswoman Gena Terlizzi with the Department of Health says the New Year is a good time of the year to rethink your priorities, rethink your health, and make some positive changes in your life.

 She says one of the key things to keep in mind is don’t try to do too much- it can lead to burn out or a failing resolution. “If you’re going to do a health or a fitness related resolution we recommend that people start small,” she says. “So, say you want to work out more. Don’t pledge to work out for an hour every single day it may not be realistic if you’re going from not working out at all to doing an hour every day.”

Terlizzi suggests instead, make a resolution to take the stairs instead of the elevator or to park in the farthest parking spot away from your office or away from the grocery store. She says those are the types of things that make a little difference that are easier to stick to and get into a good habit.


AUDIO: Mary Farucci reports. (0:54)